Volluto Decaffeinated - 10 Original Nespresso Capsules

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Nespresso Original Capsules

Volluto Decaffeinato is a blend of pure Arabica from Latin America. The delicate decaffeination process removes caffeine naturally, without altering its character. This decaffeinated Espresso produced by Nespresso is light, sweet, velvety, intense and round, just like its Alter Ego but without caffeine.
The Volluto Decaffeinato blends are roasted separately so as to enhance the unique characteristics of each. A short roasting process reveals the sweet biscuity notes of Brazilian Arabica coffee, while the more subtle fruity aromas of Colombian Arabica coffee beans develop during a light, but longer roast. The light and balanced taste of Volluto Decaffeinato and its sunny notes will brighten your day at all times.
Intensity: 4 out of 13
Quantity: case of 10 capsules

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