Universal water softener and anti-limescale filter

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1 Anti-limescale filter in resin sachet to be immersed in the water tank.
OSCAR is an innovative anti-limescale system for small hot drinks dispensers for family and office use. By exploiting the osmotic principle of saline solutions, it removes from the water the calcium and magnesium ions responsible for encrustations in boilers and heat exchangers. It can take on the most diverse shapes and sizes in order to satisfy the most diverse needs.
OSCAR is a disposable water softener that guarantees compliance with the health regulations expressed by the Ministerial Decree. of Health n. 443/1990 approximately "... the content of sodium ions which does not overall exceed the limit of 150 mg/litre as Na". Furthermore, the particular mix of resins contained in it guarantees the absolute bacterio-static nature of the tray, respecting the strict American standards on the matter, so much so that it has Food and Drug Administration certification (Title 21 Section 173.25 paragraph A under paragraph 1).

Instructions for use: with the tray empty, deposit OSCAR on the bottom then fill with water to the desired level. As soon as the water comes into contact with the resin microspheres it will undergo the osmotic-magnetic softening process, starting to release the calcium and Magnesium in exchange for Sodium. ATTENTION! Wash OSCAR with running water to activate the resin.

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