Officina 5 caffè l'espresso di una volta in cialde e capsule

History and production

Officina “5” caffè, located in Fara San Martino in Abruzzo on the slopes of the Maiella mountains, is an artisan roasting born from the idea of ​​its owners, pasta artisans for generations, to produce a coffee of high quality.

Officina 5 bases its production philosophy on the use of highly selected raw materials, coming from small raw coffee producers, and a roasting of the beans which is carried out slowly over a low flame, thanks to the use of ancient roasters produced in the 1940s from Officine Vittoria.

This "recipe" requires great attention and direct commitment from the roasting masters in following all the phases on a visual and olfactory level and allows Officina 5 caffè to remain far removed from the logic of the industrial world, thus maintaining a completely artisanal process .

The final result is that of a coffee like no one else makes it anymore, roasted in a perfect way, digestible, which releases inimitable aromas and tastes...a coffee as it was once made!


Officina 5 coffee is produced in 5 different blends capable of satisfying the tastes of many palates:

Aroma Bar: coffee suitable for consumers who prefer more intense flavors - it has a full and full-bodied flavour, a thick cream like that of the bar.
Raw coffee origin: Brazil, Honduras, Nicaragua, India.

Classic Aroma: classic Italian coffee, with all the taste of the best national tradition - balanced and enveloping, while sipping it you discover notes of cocoa.
Raw coffee origin: Brazil, Honduras, Nicaragua, Java.

Gentile Aroma: composed of slowly roasted arabica and robusta beans, this coffee is gentle in name and in fact - light and balanced, it is very pleasant and "unique" if we want to describe it in one word!
Raw coffee origin: Brazil, Ethiopia, Tanzania, India.

100% Arabica: blend of fine, slowly roasted high mountain Arabicas - a very particular coffee, with strong acidic notes, ideal for those who love a coffee with an aromatic aftertaste.
Raw coffee origin: Brazil, Honduras, Nicaragua.

Decaffè Arabica 100%: all the taste of appropriately decaffeinated arabica varieties - a coffee for connoisseurs who do not want to give up a refined taste.
Raw coffee origin: Brazil, Honduras, Nicaragua.


The roasted coffee is then packaged in beans for bars and ground for consumption at home with the moka. Officina 5 coffees can also be enjoyed with the main espresso coffee machines, thanks to the practical paper pods and compatible capsules that the company produces.

Compatibility of capsules and pods

Try the quality of a coffee produced as it once was, select the type of coffee machine used and discover the introductory offers available right now!

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