Officina 5 caffè Nespresso

Officina 5 Nespresso compatible capsules

The Nespresso compatible capsules produced by Officina 5 caffè are available in 5 different blends capable of satisfying the tastes of many palates: Aroma Bar, Aroma Classico, Aroma Gentile, 100% Arabica and Decaffè. The secret that makes the production of Officina 5 coffees special is the roasting which is carried out slowly and at a low temperature and the result is that of a perfectly roasted, digestible coffee which releases exceptional aromas and flavours.

Aroma Bar Nespresso Officina 5

Blend of fine coffee beans characterized by a full-bodied flavor and a dense cream like that of the bar. The dispensing is fluid and the result in the cup is that of a compact and creamy espresso. Aroma Bar is suitable for those who prefer an intense and decisive flavour.

Aroma Bar Nespresso Officina 5 caffè

Classic Aroma Nespresso Workshop 5

Aroma Classico is the right blend for those who love a medium intensity coffee with a persistent, balanced, sweet and enveloping flavour. The cocoa notes present in the aftertaste will delight even the palate of true connoisseurs.

Aroma Classico Nespresso Officina 5 caffè

Gentle Aroma Nespresso Workshop 5

A round and balanced coffee resulting from a combination of cereal and caramel notes. Gentle aroma is produced from slowly roasted Arabicas and Robustas and is gentle in name and in fact. A light and well-balanced espresso coffee that is very pleasant on the palate.

Aroma Gentile Nespresso Officina 5 caffè

Arabica 100% Nespresso Officina 5

A particular coffee with strong acidic and aromatic notes typical of the Arabica blend. A perfect dosage of excellent 100% Arabica blends offer a cup of coffee with a marked creaminess and a velvety aroma.

Arabica Nespresso Officina 5 caffè

Decaffeinated Nespresso Officina 5

Selected from the best qualities of Arabica for a skilful balance between taste and lightness, Officina 5's Decaffeinato is an ideal coffee to drink at any time of the day, thanks to the total absence of caffeine. Excellent for those who do not want to give up the rich taste and typical aroma of coffee.

Capsule Decaffeinato Nespresso Officina 5 caffè

Tasting kit Officina 5 Nespresso

If you have never tried the aroma of Officina 5 caffè in Nespresso capsules you will certainly not know which blend to choose but thanks to our practical tasting kit made up of the entire range of blends you will be able to taste every single coffee to discover which one best meets your taste.

Kit assaggio Capsule caffè Officina 5 compatibili Nespresso
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