Caffè Borbone Nespresso

Borbone Capsules compatible with Nespresso

Borbone Respresso capsules, compatible with Nespresso coffee machines, are ideal for those who cannot do without the aroma and body of real Neapolitan coffee. There are 5 blends of different taste and intensity that Caffè Borbone offers, easily distinguishable by the color of the sachet containing each individual capsule:

Borbone Respresso Black Blend

Intense, robust and creamy with a full flavor and a strong flavour. A coffee with a firm character that evokes the typical tradition of true Neapolitan espresso. The result of a fine selection of blends created for a full-bodied espresso, it turns out to be a rich and creamy blend like that of the bar.

Caffè Borbone miscela Nera Capsule compatibili Nespresso

Borbone Respresso Red blend

An espresso coffee that gives pure energy in the taste, intense and creamy with an aftertaste that lasts for a long time. It has a strong and persistent character that instills a profound sensation of pleasure on the palate and a magical sensation.

Caffè Borbone miscela Rossa Capsule compatibili Nespresso

Borbone Respresso Blue blend

Obtained from the selection of blends for a perfect balance between body, persistence and sweetness, Caffè Borbone Blu blend is characterized by its noble flavour, vigorous character and intense aroma. An excellent compromise between body and aroma which is ideal for after a meal.

Caffè Borbone miscela Blu Capsule compatibili Nespresso

Borbone Respresso blend Gold

A perfect synthesis between taste and refinement, creaminess, sweetness and character. The Oro blend of Borbone coffee is able to satisfy even the most demanding palates who wish to savor a blend with a greater quantity of Arabica with an inimitable taste.

Caffè Borbone miscela Oro Capsule compatibili Nespresso

Borbone Respresso blend Dek

Borbone verde Dek is the right blend for those who prefer a decaffeinated espresso but without giving up the good taste of real Neapolitan espresso. The right balance of the blend and the pressing of the coffee allow the preparation of a full-bodied decaffeinated espresso with a dense and persistent cream.

Caffè Borbone miscela Dek Capsule compatibili Nespresso

Borbone Respresso tasting kit

If you have never tried Borbone coffee in Nespresso capsules you will certainly not know which blend to choose but thanks to our practical tasting kit made up of the entire Borbone range you will be able to taste every single blend and discover which of them all is the one you like.

Capsule Nespresso Borbone Nero Rosso Blu Oro Dek
The entire range of Borbone coffee for Nespresso is available online at in different combinations of quantity and price, also with free shipping.